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Our coffee sets are waiting for you! Choose from five aroma types and three preparation methods.

  • We curate coffee sets from the best roasters in Germany based on preparation method and aroma types.

  • You choose a coffee set that suits your aroma type. Find your aroma type with this short test!

  • Our roasters send your coffee fresh to your home. Now just prepare and enjoy delicious coffee!

  • We select new coffees and roasters every two months. So there is always something new for you to discover. Tailored to you!

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  • Andreas B.


    Good choice, and the Tastefinder is amazing in helping you navigate it. Quick delivery.

  • Jessica E.


    Very quick, great quality, would totally recommend.

  • Annika J.


    Amazing selection of coffees, and really delivered to you fresh from the roaster! A simply great concept, and Tastefinder is a fantastic idea :)

  • Rainer H.


    These guys know coffee! Good selection, fantastic coffee, super quick delivery.

Espresso und Filter Kaffee

So, are you ready to discover your favourite coffee?

Access to good coffee needs to be easier

We think that good coffee makes our world a bit better. We don't just mean your morning routine, but everything that happens before you enjoy your espresso or filter coffee. We mean everything that happens from cultivation to roasting to packaging. Every time you buy really good coffee, you make a small contribution to fair wages, sustainability, and the speciality coffee industry itself. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy good coffee, in every sense of the word. In our shop you will only find coffee from selected roasters, who have not only perfected their craft, but also know exactly where their coffee comes from. Many of them have long-standing relationships with the farmers and attach great importance to sustainability and transparency.

Coffee just the way you like it

You don't need expensive equipment for fantastic coffee. Good coffee starts with the beans, but to decide which beans, the most important thing is your taste! In our shop you have the possibility to filter according to many criteria in order to find exactly the coffee that you like. From countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Ethiopia to flavor profiles like nutty, floral and experimental. If you need a bit of help determining what you like we have a solution! Get recommendations tailored to you with our Taste finder! Just click through a few simple questions and you can dive into the wonderful world of specialty coffee. The right accessories, coffee grindersandcoffee machinesare at your fingertips. On our blog or social media we have all the tips & tricks so that your coffee tastes just as good at home as it tastes at the café next door. No matter whether you use an AeroPress, Cold Brew, or an espresso machine. .

Fresh from the roastery to your front door

In the supermarket, it's difficult to understand whether the coffee was there for four days or four months before you buy it - and this is where the big problem lies. With every day that passes, when the coffee is not stored properly, it loses a little bit of its unique taste. No matter how carefully it is grown, prepared, and roasted. And because fresh coffee simply tastes better, we send your beans straight from the roasting house. No long detours. No big warehouses. This is how we ensure that you get exactly what you deserve with every order. Don't have a grinder at home? No problem. Many of our roasters will grind your coffee according to your wishes - whether for a Moccamaster, French press, or an Espresso machine.