This is how it works: The 60beans concept

Do you want to know how our concept works or do you have any further questions? Then you are exactly right here!

  • We curate coffee sets from the best roasters in Germany, based on preparation method and aroma types.

  • You choose a coffee set that suits your aroma type. Find your aroma type with this short test !

  • Our roasters send your coffee fresh to your home. Now just prepare and enjoy!

  • We select new coffees and roasters every two months. So there is always something new for you to discover. Tailored to you!

This is how you benefit from our concept

Our careful curation of coffees to match your aroma type and your preferred method of preparation offers you many advantages:

Try new coffees

With us you will find 32 curated coffees in 8 different coffee sets. We change the types of coffee every two months - so it never gets boring ;)

Our curation

Discover exciting flavors

We put together coffee sets with five different aroma types. There is something for every coffee fan and you can try out different flavors.

Our aroma types

Always freshly roasted coffees

The coffees in the bundles come directly and fresh from the roastery. This way we avoid unnecessary storage. The coffees are therefore sent individually from the roasters. Each of our flavor sets is sent in two packages. So you don't have to worry about the taste and you have enough time to drink all the coffees before a loss of quality sets in.

Guaranteed good taste

Because we put together our bundles based on different flavor types, we can ensure that you are guaranteed to enjoy the coffee included.

And: We work with the best roasting companies in Germany. So you can be sure that the coffee is of good quality!

To the roasters

Important information about shipping

The freshly roasted coffees are sent directly from the roasting company. This is how we ensure that your coffee is of the best possible quality. Please note that if the bundle you choose contains coffees from different roasters, you will receive several packages. With every flavor set order you can expect 2 packages.

Further questions about the 60beans concept

How do I choose the coffees?

We take care of curating the coffees for you. All you have to do is choose your preferred preparation method and flavor type.

How do I recognize my taste profile?

To find out which flavor profile suits you, you can use our taste finder . In just a few minutes it will tell you your aroma type.

What if I don't like the coffee?

Since we carefully select the coffee in the bundles and put them together according to your aroma type, we are sure that you will enjoy the coffee. Otherwise, please contact us.

Can I buy the coffee individually from you?

We recommend enjoying the coffees in a bundle. However, if you would like to buy coffees individually or want to expand your order of a set, you can also purchase all coffees from the bundles individually.

Can I buy the coffee directly from the roasters?

Sure, of course. If you don't want to buy a set but just a single variety, you can do this at the roastery.

How does shipping work?

The coffees are shipped freshly roasted from the respective roasting company. This is how we ensure that the coffee arrives fresh and is not stored somewhere.

Why am I receiving multiple shipments?

Since the coffees included in the bundle come from different roasters and are sent directly from the roaster, you will receive several packages.

What about the loyalty program?

The loyalty program is paused. You can convert all the points you have collected so far into vouchers in your account area and redeem them in our shop.

I have a gift voucher, what can I do?

Your voucher is still valid and you can still redeem it in our shop.

I'm a subscriber, what do I need to do?

From March 18th we will no longer offer coffee subscriptions as before. If your next order is placed by or on March 17th, you will still receive it. After that we will stop all orders. If you have a gift subscription, please contact our customer service and we will issue you a voucher that you can use in our shop.

I have subscribed to a flavor type, what do I need to do?

Don't worry, there is a solution for this too. Simply contact our customer service and we will issue you a voucher.