The aroma type: Fruity & lively

Red berries and citrus fruits with lots of natural acidity – our aroma type for fans of tangy, fruity coffee aromas.

The aroma type “Fruity & Lively”

In addition to classic coffee flavors such as nutty & chocolate, the flavor combination fruity & lively is also very popular in the world of specialty coffee.
These fruity, tangy aromas come into their own particularly well as V60 filter coffee and are also particularly good for ice-cold enjoyment on hot summer days! We'll explain to you where the characteristic taste comes from and which coffees you absolutely have to try if you like these flavors.

The origin

How origin influences the taste of your fruity and lively coffee.

Typically, beans with this flavor profile come from countries in East Africa or South America. Beans from Kenya, for example, often have notes of red berries and citrus fruits with a subtle, fruity sweetness.

Their refreshing and juicy texture makes them a popular choice for coffee fans who appreciate these flavors.

📍 Typical countries of origin: Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil

The processing

How the coffee beans are processed influences their taste.

The preparation of the coffee from the cherry to the dried green bean also affects the taste of your coffee.

Different methods are used for beans with the “Fruity & Lively” aroma type. Both washed coffees and beans that are processed using the natural process can have this aroma type. “Honey processing” is also sometimes used. The coffee cherries are only partially washed, which means that the peel is removed, but the soft, sticky pulp remains on the bean.

Washed coffees often have a slightly “clearer” taste, while naturals taste a little “sweeter”.

  • Typical processing: Natural & Washed

The roasting

Roasting also plays a big role when it comes to the taste of your coffee.

During the roasting process, chemical reactions are triggered that promote or even prevent the formation of aroma compounds.

For fruity and lively notes, the coffee beans are often only lightly to medium-dark roasted and therefore get an invigorating note with gentle acidity and lots of natural sweetness!

Brew properly with the Aero Press

Our brewing recommendation for the “Fruity & Lively” aroma type is the Aero Press.

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