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Buy coffee accessories for your specialty coffee

You probably ended up here because you love specialty coffee. You love high-quality coffee beans that have been gently roasted in a small roastery. You love your coffee machine. You love the moment when you prepare your favorite drink in the morning. But you love the moment even more when the aromas of chocolate and grapes unfold in your mouth. Out of love you would do anything to make your coffee even better. You would give a lot to achieve even better results. Then you are exactly right here. Because even more exquisite, even more precise and even more delicious means: Buy the right coffee accessories! In our online shop you can buy coffee accessories that we have tested thoroughly. As you already know, making the perfect cup of coffee goes far beyond buying the right coffee beans. Which coffee accessories you buy plays a crucial role. Because this has a significant impact on the taste and quality of your coffee. Together we'll get to the bottom of various accessories for preparing and serving coffee.

Buy the right coffee accessories for making coffee

You can purchase a versatile range of accessories for manual and machine brewing methods. Manual brewing methods range from pour-over methods to Aero Press. The machine preparation includes the classic stove jug, the portafilter machine and the classic filter machine. You need different utensils for each brewing method. You can buy great coffee accessories for every type of preparation. Depending on how good and consistent you want your results to be, you should get a few barista basics. I will advise you below on professional coffee accessories such as the coffee grinder, the kettle, the timer and the barista scale. These elements are repeated here all the time and you will notice that they are definitely worth the investment!

Buy suitable coffee accessories for the pour-over method

The so-called pour-over methods include the hand filter and the Chemex. As the name suggests, this type of preparation depends on wetting the ground coffee with hot water. So hot water is poured over the coffee powder. You should buy special accessories such as the right kettle and a suitable water jug.

The Chemex

The Chemex carafe often has a wooden collar and a leather strap. The elegant and timeless coffee maker also comes in different sizes. If you want to brew with the Chemex, you don't actually need much. The same applies here: For consistent results, it's worth having a little basic equipment. To prepare with the Chemex you need: the right Chemex filters, the Chemex carafe and the right coffee beans. You will also need a coffee grinder, a kettle and a barista scale.

The hand filter

The hand filter is also one of the preparation methods with comparatively few and inexpensive accessories. It is timeless, simple and fast. With the right technique you get a great result and the coffee surprises with clear, strong aromas. Hand filters come in a variety of materials, including porcelain and glass. The preparation is easy to understand and different amounts of coffee can be brewed. Here too, buying professional accessories increases the quality of your brewing results. You need: the porcelain or plastic filter holder, the right filters, the right coffee beans. You also need a coffee grinder, a kettle, optionally a water jug, a timer and a barista scale.

The paper filter

The paper filters deserve a little extra sales here. When using the pour-over method, you should make sure to buy high-quality paper filters. They should always be made of tasteless filter paper so as not to influence the aromas of the coffee. With us you will find paper filters in different sizes and you can buy different paper filters for the hand filter, the Aero Press and the Chemex. A tip for brewing with a filter: Rinse your filter once with hot water before use to rinse out any last paper particles.

Buy the perfect coffee accessories for the Aero Press

The Aero Press is a relatively new preparation method in the history of specialty coffees. The so-called single-serve brewer allows you to make delicious filter coffee, even in small quantities. For many specialty coffee beginners, the Aero Press offers a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to brewing a really good cup of coffee. The plastic piston weighs nothing and is easy to transport and clean. You can buy the Aero Press for around 30 euros. To prepare with the Aero Press you need: an Aero Press set, the right coffee beans, a coffee grinder, a kettle, a timer and a barista scale. Despite its easy handling, the Single Cup Brewer is full of versatile options. You can find the article about preparation with the Aero Press here.

Buy coffee accessories for the immersion method

If you are looking for an aromatic and hassle-free method to prepare your coffee, then the immersion method is a great choice. Here you can find out more about two popular options: the French press and the cold brew.

The French Press

The famous French press has many names and many facets. Did you know that the French press is also called a “press stamp pot”, “stamp pot”, “cafetière” or “French coffee press”? A simple brewing method even for larger quantities of coffee. A family-friendly coffee machine! All the utensils you buy for brewing your coffee: the French press, the right coffee beans, a coffee grinder, a kettle, a timer and a barista scale.

The cold brew

In addition to iced coffee, cold brew is a refreshing coffee preparation method for hot days. Cold brew is technically coffee extracted slowly and leisurely in cold or room temperature water. The coffee is then filtered and served either plain or over ice. The slow extraction allows the coffee to develop a pleasantly rounded taste. Cold brew can be prepared as an immersion or slow-drip with the right accessories. To prepare it as an immersion you need: a special cold brew set with a glass bottle or a French press. Also a filter, the right coffee beans, a coffee grinder, a kettle and a barista scale.

Buy the right coffee accessories for the portafilter

Finally an Italian lifestyle in your own four walls. The preparation, the smell, the taste – there is no better hobby than espresso. Of course, you first have to buy the right portafilter machine. This purchase decision is anything but easy. We will advise you on this in more detail in another article. Now you have taken the big step towards this professional equipment. That should be worth it! If you buy the right coffee accessories, you'll have a lot of fun and good, consistent results await you! Choosing the right espresso grinder should not be neglected here. Which is the right espresso grinder for you? You will find a separate article about this here.

Now, of course, there are a few other accessories that you should definitely buy for your new toy. This includes a “tamper” or “leveler”, a tamper mat, optionally a dosing cup for the coffee powder and a barista brush. If you want to buy coffee accessories for your portafilter, you can really have fun online with us!

Buy coffee accessories for the filter machine

Filter coffee machines work like a hand filter based on the “pour over” principle and take a lot of work off your hands. With a filter coffee machine, larger quantities of filter coffee can be prepared quickly and easily. The Moccamaster is one of our favorite filter coffee machines. The filter coffee tastes great and the design is classic and timeless. You also don’t have to buy a lot of coffee equipment for the filter machine. All you need here is good paper filters.

Barista Basics - Buy professional coffee accessories

If you're hoping for really good and consistent results, it's worth buying a few barista basics. Don't save at the wrong end here! You can find some exciting accessories below.

Buy the right kettle or water jug

Kettles and kettles with finely curved necks make it easier to brew coffee precisely. Kettles with temperature settings allow you to heat water to a desired temperature. For brewing coffee, we recommend a water temperature between 92 – 96 °C. Boiling water results in bitter coffee.

Buy the right coffee grinder

In the world of specialty coffees, you can't avoid freshly ground beans. But why is freshly ground so important? This is because your coffee reacts with oxygen. When coffee comes into contact with oxygen for the first time, many of the great aromas evaporate. This applies to roasted beans and especially to ground coffee. The finer the coffee is ground, the more surface area it offers and the faster it loses its aroma. That's exactly why a coffee grinder is essential to get the most out of your freshly roasted beans. In general, your grinder is more important than your coffee machine. And which coffee grinder should you buy? A rough distinction is made between electric mills and hand mills. You can find out what distinguishes the most common models and how they work in a detailed article here.

The timer and the coffee scale

Compared to traditional kitchen scales, coffee scales are more precise and can even measure weight to a tenth of a gram. They also have an integrated stopwatch. This makes it easy for you to measure the weight and brewing time. If you have very high demands, digital precision scales with Bluetooth function are the best choice. These can be connected to the brewing process via a smartphone app to control and monitor it. Would you like to buy the right coffee beans for your coffee accessories? We can help here too! Get advice on this in a separate article depending on the type of preparation.

Buy coffee accessories for serving coffee

When it comes to presenting your beloved coffee, having the right accessories is essential.

Buy a coffee pot

Buying a pot is an enrichment of the coffee culture in your own four walls. No matter whether hot or cold – a pot brings that certain something to the coffee table! In addition to the visual advantage, the jug also has practical advantages. Plus, it'll make you look like a coffee pro the next time you visit!

Cups, mugs and co.

Cups and mugs can also change your coffee game for the better. After all, the eye drinks too! The world of cups is endless - you can buy a wide variety of espresso, cappuccino and filter coffee cups. They come in different colors and sizes, as individual parts or as a whole service tableware. So there are no limits here. If your heart beats for specialty coffee, you can buy everything from us to make your coffee really tasty.