Congratulations! You have found our Christmas Egg!

Christmas can be really stressful. That's exactly why you need to distract yourself a little from time to time. What could be better than challenging Great Aunt Erna to a nice game of snakes and ladders? Or, as we call it, shovels and kettles !

The rules

  1. Any number of people can take part.
  2. All you need is the playing field, playing pieces and a dice. You can find a digital cube below!
  3. Everyone starts with a playing figure on the starting field. Simply choose a bean from the calendar or another object as your character!
  4. The dice are rolled in turn.
  5. The oldest person starts.
  6. The aim is to reach the target field by rolling the dice and moving forward on the playing fields.
  7. The person whose turn it is rolls the dice and moves the pawn to the number
    fields that correspond to the number on the dice.

Now various game situations arise:
• If a bean shovel or kettle starts in the space you land in, you slide forward. Ends in the space you land in, one of the two things you have to go back.
• If there is no design on the field or just a small mistletoe, you can simply stand there.

The first person to reach 24 wins the game!

Have fun!