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Seruni Coffee

— from Almere, Netherlands

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Seruni Coffee Coffee Roastery: Bringing Indonesia's Diversity of Flavors to You!

Indonesia is one of the world's most diverse countries in terms of culture, biodiversity, food and languages. This also applies to coffee. Our coffee comes from the far east to the far west of Indonesia and is characterized by a rich variety of flavors due to the different environments in which it is grown. We work with farmers and cooperatives to obtain high-quality, tasty products in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way. Our collaborations span across Indonesia – from Aceh to Java to Flores to make this possible. We work with various farmer and processing groups made up of many small farmers. This way we can ensure that we buy as directly as possible. We also work with Q-graders and Q-processors who not only ensure high-quality coffee beans, but also help provide long-term training to small farmers to improve yield and quality.

  • What makes your products so special?

    We source our coffees directly from farmers and processors to ensure we get the best quality coffee beans straight from the source. Our coffees reflect the diverse flavors of Indonesia.

  • What's the craziest thing you've ever done for coffee?

    We haven't experienced anything really crazy yet, so here's a slightly crazy recipe. Strong coffee mixed with thick condensed milk and lots of liquid palm sugar. Then add a few ice cubes. Perfect for the beach or a hot summer day!

  • Which coffee are you particularly proud of?

    Coffee from West Java because of community participation in coffee processing (mostly women who hand-pick the coffee beans while their children are at school). My personal favorite coffee comes from Flores, a small island east of Bali. It has a perfect mix of flavors between slightly chocolaty and with a hint of fruit.

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