Filter coffee maker - how your coffee beans become the perfect filter coffee

You have found the perfect coffee for you - sweet, fruity, with notes of orange. Now you want to brew this coffee perfectly with a high-quality filter coffee maker.

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We will introduce you to the most common models of filter coffee makers and have a few tips so that you can enjoy the best filter coffee at home. Because the art of filter coffee lies in its maker. The methods of making filter coffee are endless. Depending on the maker, your brewing effort will change, but so will the taste of your filter coffee. All filter coffee makers that you can buy from us are designed for specialty coffees.

Filter coffee maker: which one is right for you?

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Preparing filter coffee requires certain factors such as the degree of grinding, water quality, brewing time and of course the right filter coffee maker. Each of these factors influences the taste experience of your coffee. To ensure you get the best filter coffee, let's look at different methods you can use at home with your filter coffee maker.

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The filter coffee maker: French Press

The French press method, also known as cafetière, is one of the most popular methods of making filter coffee. You can easily implement this method with your filter coffee maker. Unlike other methods, the coffee here is not brewed through a coffee filter from top to bottom. Instead, you pour ground coffee into the French press, pour hot water over it and press the coffee grounds down with a filter. The longer contact time between the water and the coffee creates a full-bodied taste. Make sure that the grind of your coffee is slightly coarser than with other methods. The optimal brewing temperature is around 95°C and the extraction time is around 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

The filter coffee maker: Pour Over

Pour over is another popular method for making filter coffee. With your filter coffee maker you can carry out your favorite method with precision. There are different brands such as Chemex, Hario and Kalita, each offering their own variant. The basic principle is to put ground coffee in a conical vessel, pour water over it and let the liquid drain through a filter into a vessel below. Each method has its own character and extracts the flavors of the coffee slightly differently. The brewing time may vary depending on the filter coffee maker you choose. Pay attention to the recommended brewing time for the best flavor.

The filter coffee maker: The classic filter coffee machine

The good old filter coffee machine has evolved over the years and remains a popular choice for many coffee lovers. With your filter coffee maker you can go this classic way of brewing coffee. All you need to do is add the right grind and the desired amount of coffee and you're ready to go. The filter coffee machine offers you super easy handling and enables reproducible results. Make sure you use filtered water for the best possible brewing results.

The filter coffee maker: The AeroPress

The AeroPress is a relatively new method for preparing filter coffee and offers you a variety of brewing options with this filter coffee maker. Because this innovative device makes it possible to brew coffee in two fundamentally different ways.
The basic idea is to add coffee and water to the brewing chamber and, after about two minutes, press the coffee through a sieve with a paper filter. With your AeroPress filter coffee maker you can try out different recipes and techniques to brew the perfect cup of filter coffee for you. Be creative and find out which coffee beans and brewing methods you like best.
The AeroPress is a great choice for coffee lovers looking for a quick yet flavorful brewing method. Thanks to its compact size and easy handling, the AeroPress is also ideal for traveling.

Tips for preparing with your filter coffee maker

  • Choose high-quality filter coffee from local roasters with the desired flavor profile.
  • Freshly grind the coffee and use the correct grind for your chosen preparation method.
  • Make sure the water temperature is right. Ideally the water should be around 95°C.
  • Experiment with the brewing time to find your taste.
  • It's best to use filtered water for a clear cup of coffee.
  • Clean your filter coffee maker regularly to avoid contaminating the taste of your coffee.

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