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Buy a coffee grinder online – find the perfect grinder for you.

If you want to enjoy really good coffee at home, you need two things above all: freshly roasted beans and a high-quality coffee grinder. Why is the coffee grinder so important? The aromas of the coffee are sealed to a certain degree in the beans. When grinding, the surface area increases and releases the aromas. That's nice and unfortunate at the same time: the great smell is a sign that the precious aromas are evaporating. Therefore, the fresher the coffee powder, the more delicious the finished cup tastes. Are you thinking about buying a coffee grinder? Then we have summarized a few points for you here to help you make your choice.

Buy a hand grinder or electric coffee grinder?

You can test which coffee grinder is best for you by asking a few questions. These include: How sensitive are you to noise? How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Which materials do you prefer? Are you looking for a cheap mill or could it be a little more expensive?

The following criteria should help you when purchasing online. This makes it easier to decide whether you should buy a manual or electric coffee grinder.

Noise level

The volume is an important criterion. Especially when you're the first to stumble into the kitchen in the morning. Hand mills are the quietest - if you can muster the muscle strength to grind early in the morning.

When it comes to electric mills, those with a ceramic grinder are considered the quieter option. Whether disc or cone mills are quieter ultimately depends on the model. One of the quietest espresso grinders on the market at the moment is the Mahlkönig E65S. You are also well advised with the X54 Home from the same manufacturer. As a brief guide, you can say: the more expensive the mill, the quieter it usually is.


Hand mills are great for anyone who values ​​compact design. Would you like to enjoy really good coffee on the go? Then you are well advised to go with a hand mill. Above all, make sure that it fits well in the hand. For people who drink a lot, an electric grinder is a better purchase. It easily grinds multiple cups, making it a faster and more convenient option. If you don't lug your grinder from A to B every day, we recommend an electric grinder. When it comes to operation, there are of course many other features. From displays to different modes to integrated scales. The same applies here – the more features, the more expensive it becomes.


When buying a coffee grinder, you should first keep an eye on the quality of the materials used. High-quality mills have a grinder made of ceramic or stainless steel. Both are durable materials. The motor is another important quality criterion for electric coffee grinders. A powerful motor ensures a quick grinding process and delivers reliable results even when in constant operation. With disc grinders, you should also keep an eye on the size of the grinding discs. The larger the discs, the quieter and faster your mill grinds.


The rule of thumb is: high-quality hand mills are usually cheaper than electric mills in the same league. A good hand mill costs between €100 and €250 online. If you want to be really comfortable, you should spend around €400 on an electric grinder. Here you get timers and various settings. Some grinders in this price segment also have displays for easy operation. Fun fact: A professional grinder for café operators costs around €2,500. This is usually more about longevity and speed. Waiting 20 seconds for grinding is not possible in hectic operations. Of course, you can also get sensible grinders for less money. If you don't value extras, you can get away cheaply. You can get good mills without a display and timer for around €250.

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These grinders come into question.

If you want to buy a good coffee grinder online, you should know which grinder you are dealing with. Precision mills with cone or disc grinders are possible. We advise against mills with impact blades. You probably know it as a universal mill. This can also be used to chop spices, for example. These grinders are particularly not suitable for espresso. Impact grinders break the beans into particles of different sizes and lead to an uneven result when brewing. Do you value the quality of your coffee drink? Then you would be better off choosing a mill with a precision grinder. Good coffee grinders are rarely really cheap.

Conical grinder

Cone mills work with conical grinding surfaces. This means you can achieve relatively homogeneous results even at low speeds and the coffee powder is not heated unnecessarily. This is important so that the valuable oils of the coffee and its aromas are preserved. Conical grinders are primarily installed in hand mills and cheaper mills.

Disc grinder

Disc mills grind the beans between two discs that move in opposite directions. At high speeds, centrifugal forces arise that push the coffee powder outwards. The resulting ground material is particularly uniform and fine. However, friction can generate heat here. High-quality disc mills therefore actively control the temperature.

This is how you find the right grinder for your type of preparation.

Each type of preparation requires a very specific degree of grinding. If this is missed, the resulting coffee drink tastes anything from bitter to watery to sour. With the right coffee grinder, you can adjust the grinding level perfectly to your favorite type of preparation. This way you can fully enjoy all the flavors of your specialty coffee.

From Aeropress to portafilter

For espresso , the coffee must be ground very finely due to the short extraction time. Espresso grinders with disc grinders are best suited for this. As an espresso lover, you are well advised to buy a coffee grinder for the portafilter. With these models, such as the La Marzocco Swift Mini, you can grind directly into the portafilter. Other models grind for both filter and espresso. This includes, for example, the Mahlkönig X54. If you like to drink filter coffee, pour over and Aeropress, almost all grinders are suitable. If you don't want to commit to a specific method of preparation, you will want to buy a manual coffee grinder. The Comandante C40 MK4 shines here when it comes to flexibility. Thanks to their precision, you get both the finest coffee powder for espresso and coarse ground material for the French press.

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With a pre-selection the decision is easier

Whether it's a precision hand grinder or an electric espresso grinder for the home barista - what counts is the quality. At 60beans we only offer models that meet our standards. We also want you to have all the information you need to buy the right coffee grinder. In our online shop you can filter all coffee grinders by manufacturer, price and other important criteria. Do you still have questions? Then fire away! Our professionals will be happy to advise you online via chat or email.