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Buy an electric coffee grinder - more valuable time for you in the early morning

In order to exploit the full potential and all the great aromas of the roasted bean, your own coffee grinder is essential. But why is freshly ground so important? This is because your coffee reacts with oxygen. When coffee comes into contact with oxygen for the first time, many of the great aromas evaporate. This applies to roasted beans and especially to ground coffee. The finer the coffee is ground, the more surface area it offers and the faster it loses its aroma. The coffee grinder performs an important task here. Therefore, there are numerous designs and manufacturers dedicated to this great accessory. We have put together the best selection of electric coffee grinders for you. Each is unique and tailored to different needs. Whether the traditional Italian manufacturer or the German quality mill - what do they all have in common? They bring you closer to your perfect cup of coffee and are an absolute must for passionate home baristas!

Reasons why you should buy an electric coffee grinder

More valuable time in the early morning! The electric coffee grinder makes your life easier. Once you've bought an electric one, you'll probably never want to go back. Whether for your portafilter machine or as a standard on-demand grinder for all your favorite types of preparation - the electric coffee grinder gives you valuable time in the early morning! Accuracy in terms of grinding degree and quantity! The next big advantage: the electric coffee grinder makes it easier to precisely dose your ground coffee, no matter how you prefer to drink your coffee. This results from the fine adjustment options. This allows you to precisely determine the amount of coffee, the meal and the degree of grinding. Consistently good grinding results! Buying a good electric grinder gives you the quality of the grind - and consistently! The electric coffee grinder guarantees consistent grinding results. It lets your favorite beans run through the grinder easily, quickly and conveniently. With high-quality coffee grinders, you can not only adjust the grinding level, but also the amount of coffee and the meal. This means you can influence the grinding results through various parameters. A small disadvantage is the noise level. But that will surely be forgiven after the first sip of espresso!

From Aero Press to portafilter - buy the right electric coffee grinder

We will help you with your choice and will briefly introduce you to our favorite electric mills. The traditional Italian manufacturer Marzocco offers the Swift Mini model in three different colors. It combines dosing, grinding and tamping in one and completes your La Marzocco home machine. Here you can grind directly into the portafilter. The German manufacturer Mahlkönig has four different electric coffee grinders on offer: the EK43, E80 and E65S. These coffee grinders stand out with their performance and reliability, even with very high daily usage. This makes them also suitable for professional use. While the E65S scores with programmable recipes, the EK43 stands out with very consistently precise grinding results. The Mahlkönig E80 particularly shines with its high grinding speed. In contrast, the Mahlkönig X54 is a real all-rounder. Whether filter or espresso - it meets all common brewing methods and brings professional quality equipment to your home. Still undecided? In our shop you will find detailed information about each model. In just a few minutes you can buy the perfect electric coffee grinder for your portafilter.

These grinders come into question

Do you value the quality of your coffee drink? Then you would be better off choosing a mill with a precision grinder. Good coffee grinders are rarely really cheap. The biggest differences between electric coffee grinders are how they are handled and the type of grinder. Precision mills with cone or disc grinders are possible.

Conical grinder

Cone mills work with conical grinding surfaces. This means you can achieve relatively homogeneous results even at low speeds and the coffee powder is not heated unnecessarily. This is important so that the valuable oils of the coffee and its aromas are preserved. Conical grinders are primarily installed in hand mills and cheaper mills.

Disc grinder

For espresso, the coffee must be ground very finely due to the short extraction time. Espresso grinders with disc grinders are best suited for this. Disc mills grind the beans between two discs that move in opposite directions. At high speeds, centrifugal forces arise that push the coffee powder outwards. The resulting ground material is particularly uniform and fine. However, friction can generate heat here. High-quality disc mills therefore actively control the temperature.

If you don't know what to do - we're here for you!

Whether it’s a disc grinder or a conical grinder – what counts is the quality. At 60beans we only offer models that meet our standards. We also want you to have all the information you need to buy the right coffee grinder. In our online shop you can filter all coffee grinders by manufacturer, price and other important criteria. Do you still have questions? Then fire away! Our professionals will be happy to advise you online via chat or email.