Buy an Aero Press – The single cup brewer of a thousand possibilities

The Aero Press is a relatively new preparation method in the history of specialty coffees. The so-called single-cup or single-serve brewer delights singles all over the world and allows you to make high-quality and delicious filter coffee , even in small quantities. For many specialty coffee beginners, the Aero Press offers a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to brewing a really good cup of coffee. The plastic piston weighs nothing, is easy to transport and clean and you can buy the Aero Press for around 30 euros. Despite its easy handling, the Single Cup Brewer is full of versatile options, as the brewing method can be varied in many ways. What makes the Aero Press special: All variables of the brewing process can be changed and influenced. This gives you maximum control over your brewing results and lets you elicit unexpected flavors from your coffee beans.

Buying an Aero Press Set - What's in it?

The Aero Press works with two essential parts: a brewing cylinder and a pressing piston. When you buy your Aero Press, it also comes with a useful stirring rod, a funnel for pouring in the ground coffee, a measuring spoon and the micro filters. The Aero Press's plastic piston is made of light and extremely stable copolyester. At the beginning of the 2000s, the material of the piston still contained bisphenol A, which some users considered questionable. Today the Aero Press is made exclusively from BPA-free plastic. The stamp and the filter cap are made of a flexible, rubber-like material called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The paper filters used in the Aero Press are made of paper and are disposable.

Why buy an Aero Press?

With the Aero Press, anyone can easily brew a good cup of coffee at home. In addition to the obvious price advantage, there are a number of other advantages that speak in favor of buying an Aero Press!

1. The Single Cup for all coffee lovers

The Aero Press enables delicious brewing results even in small quantities. That was also the original motivation for the inventor. With the Aero Press you can brew good coffee even for just a single cup. But if you want more, you can brew up to four cups. There's also a cup for good friends in there.

2. The versatility of the Aero Press brewing method

One of the biggest advantages of the Aero Press is its versatility. The amount of coffee and water, the brewing temperature, the brewing time and the brewing pressure - all variables of the brewing process can be influenced here. This makes this ingenious device a real playground for coffee brewing. It allows you to experiment with very different brewing techniques, grinding degrees and water temperatures. The result varies in the strength of your coffee and in the wide range of possible coffee flavors that you can tease out of your beans.

3. The speed of the Aero Press brewing method

A quick, delicious cup of coffee in the morning! Another advantage of the Aero Press, in about 1:40 minutes you will have a delicious cup of coffee in front of you. In contrast to other preparation methods, this method is definitely not time-consuming. However, it takes a bit of practice here. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use the Aero Press. You will also find a few ideas for variation.

4. The travel suitability of the Aero Press brewing method

Why you should definitely buy an Aero Press for your next trip? The Aero Press is super-easy to transport, clean and prepare! The durable and lightweight material makes it an ideal travel companion. You don't need any other bells and whistles for a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Just hot water and your favorite beans - done! It's also super easy to clean your Aero Press.

How does the Aero Press work?

Even before you know how the Aero Press works, its name reveals something about the brewing method: Aero stands for air. One might assume that coffee is made with air. In fact, air plays more of a supporting role. The Aero Press's brewing cylinder contains a mixture of ground coffee and water. After a short time, the mixture is forced through a filter at the end of the cylinder by pushing the plunger downwards. During this process, the air displaces the mixture and pushes it through the filter into the cup. The practical and versatile brewing method was invented in 2005 by the American engineer Alan Adler. Since then, the Aero Press has been popular and known worldwide. Every year, many coffee enthusiasts come together to compete at the World Aeropress Championship. Fun fact: In addition to the practical plastic piston, the inventor of the Aero Press also invented the Aerobie Pro Flying Ring (yes, that's right, a flying ring). To this day it holds the records for the furthest flying objects thrown. Adler was obviously an expert in aerodynamics and also a passionate coffee lover.

How do I get consistent brewing results with my Aero Press?

Now let's get to the machine! Have you bought your Aero Press set and now want to get started? For consistent and good results, here are step-by-step brewing instructions:

Step 1: Freshly grind your coffee beans

For a cup of coffee we recommend 16-20 grams of freshly ground coffee beans. The perfect grind for the Aero Press is between fine and medium coarse, depending on the coffee bean. Feel free to test out different grinding levels until it tastes best!

Step 2: Insert the paper filter

Now we place the paper filter in the filter insert and rinse it carefully with water. Twist the filter into your Aero Press.

Step 3: Boil your water

It is recommended to boil 200 ml of water for 16 g of coffee. The ideal water temperature for the Aero Press is 90°C. If you cannot adjust the temperature on your kettle, allow the brewing water to cool for a few minutes after boiling.

Step 4: Add your ground coffee and stir it a little

Place the brewing cylinder with the filter underside on your coffee mug and add the previously weighed ground coffee into it. Now fill your AeroPress piston about three-quarters full with water. This is where the practical plastic stirring rod comes into use. Stir the moistened coffee grounds evenly so that the coffee grounds are well distributed in the water.

Step 5: Pour in your remaining water

Pour in the remaining water until the AeroPress is filled to the desired level. Wait half a minute and turn the filter with the paper filter in place onto the AeroPress.

Step 6: Press down on the Aero Press

Place the plunger in the brewing cylinder and slowly press it down so that the coffee runs into your mug below. Overall, the brewing time including blooming should be around 2 to 3 minutes. Complete!

Simply inverted – The Aero Press Inverted method

The traditional method involves first inserting the filter, placing the brewing chamber on the cup (with the filter facing down), pouring in the coffee and water and stirring, then inserting the plunger into the brewing chamber and pressing it. With the inverted technology, the AeroPress is simply set up the other way around. Instead of placing the AeroPress on the cup with the filter side down, place it with the filter side up. The press piston is at the bottom and the brewing cylinder is at the top. As with the classic method, coffee powder and water are added to the brewing cylinder, stirred and allowed to steep. Then you attach the filter with the filter paper inserted on top, turn the AeroPress around and place it on the coffee mug. With a little pressing, the first coffee droplets begin to drip into the vessel. Simply press all the coffee into the coffee cup with the press piston - and you're ready!

That convinced you and now you want to buy an Aero Press? Here you can find them online. Happy shopping!