Nitro Coffee - how you can imitate the trend drink at home!

Written by: Smilla H.



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What sounds like a highly scientific and elaborate coffee cocktail is actually just one thing: freshly tapped coffee. You can not only let beer out of the tap, but also coffee. The result resembles a Guinness beer with a creamy head and is damn delicious! Who came up with this crazy idea? How exactly does that work with the Nitro Coffee? And how can you imitate the trend drink at home? Today we get to the bottom of all this and more.

Where does Nitro Coffee come from?

Where the trendy Nitro Coffee originally comes from is not entirely clear. The Nitro Coffee was probably first made in the USA in 2013. In Portland, American roasters are said to have tried running their cold brew through a beer dispenser. And so Nitro Coffee was born, which you can now taste in many specialty cafés and even buy canned in the supermarket.

Sweet and tasty - how it works with the Nitro Coffee

The trend drink from Portland is actually just a cold brew that is also mixed with nitrogen. Hence the name. Nitro stands for the English word nitrogen, i.e. nitrogen. The other variant for pearly bubbles would be carbon dioxide, which is added to lemonade, for example. In contrast to carbonic acid, the nitrogen only creates a very slight fizz, which is reflected here in the creamy consistency. The nitrogen-enriched coffee develops a slightly sparkling and sweet taste and offers a special drinking experience.

Why cute, you ask yourself? It has to do with how the nitrogen bubbles interact with the taste buds. Sweet without sugar - that makes Nitro Coffee a dream come true for calorie-conscious coffee lovers. Another benefit comes from the base ingredient of Nitro Coffee. When preparing cold brew, the ground beans are soaked in cold water for a very long time. Less acids are removed from the coffee beans than with conventional brewing methods. This creates an extremely caffeinated cold drink that is also a bit more stomach-friendly.

Lots of caffeine, little acid and few calories - sounds good? Now you can find out how you can easily prepare the Nitro Coffee yourself!

Portland City

How you can easily prepare the Nitro Coffee at home

Even if the Nitro Coffee originally comes from a professional tap - no need! A high-quality cream dispenser will do the trick. This multifunctional device (also called a cream siphon) can also add nitrogen to our favorite drink.

To do this, simply fill the cold brew into the container, screw on the cream dispenser with the nitrogen capsule and shake vigorously (approx. 3-5 minutes). You can find out how to prepare a super delicious cold brew in my article on cold brew coffee. Afterwards, leave the whipping cream dispenser a little longer to make sure that the nitrogen beads are distributed in the cold brew. Now just turn around and start spraying! The only downside: the head of foam disintegrates a bit faster than with Nitro Coffee from the dispenser. In terms of taste, however, the coffee from the cream dispenser is in no way inferior.

Cold Nitro Coffee is particularly popular as the basis for exciting coffee drink recipes. I don't want to withhold my absolute favorite drink from you at this point. I'm sure the Nitro Espresso Martini will be the next hot summer drink!

Cream dispenser for Nitro Coffee

The recipe for the Nitro Espresso Martini

Ingredients for 2 people:

80ml vodka

40ml coffee liqueur

500ml cold brew

20ml sugar syrup (e.g. vanilla syrup)

Mix all ingredients together and proceed as above. The Nitro Espresso Martini is ready! If you prefer the traditional espresso martini. Here you will find the article with the step-by-step instructions for your espresso martini. On the spot: Thanks to our American roaster friends, who chased cold brew through the beer dispenser for the first time.

Have fun trying!