The Cold Freddo: A Freddo Espresso Recipe

Written by: Smilla H.



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Pure taste, nice and cold and really creamy. May I introduce: Freddo Espresso. Today I brought you one of my ice-cold caffeine favorites! It's available as a Freddo Espresso recipe or, for the milk lovers among us, as a Freddo Cappuccino recipe.

What is Freddo Espresso actually?

Summer is finally here and with it the longing for refreshing coffee creations that wake us up and cool us down for hot summer nights.
Do you fancy the full aroma of an espresso and an ice-cold caffeine kick? Then the Espresso Freddo is just right for you.

And if you don't want it quite as strong, you can also have it with milk.
If you've never heard of an Espresso Freddo, then it's high time! The Greek classic is available in two versions: Freddo Espresso and Freddo Cappuccino.

A touch of Greek art of living: The Espresso Freddo

Like many of its ice-cold relatives ( Frappuccino etc.), the Espresso Freddo has its roots in Greece. It has been part of the coffee culture there for many years and is particularly popular in the summer months.

The idea of ​​pouring hot espresso over ice cubes comes from the need to create a refreshing alternative to classic espresso without sacrificing the intense taste of espresso. In the streets of Greece, Espresso Freddo is a welcome and refreshing change for coffee fans.

The Freddo Espresso Recipe: How do I prepare a Freddo Espresso?

In contrast to cold brew, Espresso Freddo uses hot espresso which is then poured over ice cubes. This cools it down while retaining its characteristic aroma and crema.

Compared to a classic iced coffee, the Espresso Freddo has a more intense taste and offers a refreshing alternative for espresso fans.
Whether it's a portafilter or an espresso maker - you can prepare the espresso the way you like it best. To do this, simply add the ice cubes and a double espresso shot to the blender or cocktail shaker and blend both ingredients until the espresso becomes creamy and foamy. So shake it vigorously for at least 30 seconds!

When you shake vigorously, your Espresso Freddo gets its characteristic foam. However, you definitely want to avoid the ice cubes watering down the Espresso Freddo too much. That's why it's better to enjoy it immediately after preparation!

If you don't have a mixer or cocktail shaker at hand, you can shake the two ingredients vigorously in a sealable bottle for at least 30 seconds. Fill a tall glass with 2 ice cubes and add the creamy, cold espresso mixture. Espresso Freddo is ready!
The result is a refreshing and intense cold coffee drink that will pamper you in the hot summer months.

Cappuccino Freddo - The Variation

Pure espresso is too strong for you and you are a cappuccino lover?
In addition to the classic version, you can also enjoy the Espresso Freddo as a Cappuccino Freddo. To do this, simply froth some cold cow's milk or a plant-based drink and add it to the espresso-ice cube mix until a creamy and homogeneous mass is created.

If you like it a little sweeter but want to avoid additional sugar, try a vanilla oat drink. This gives the Cappuccino Freddo a sweet, vanilla-like taste. Tastes like a delicious dessert. Top the whole thing with 2-3 ice cubes and you have a refreshing and delicious caffeine kick for hot summer days!

The right coffee beans for the Espresso Freddo recipe

An espresso roast is suitable for your Freddo Espresso or Freddo Cappuccino.
We recommend a medium-dark roast for your Espresso Freddo recipe. While very dark roasts have too many bitter substances, the fruity notes and the fine natural acidity look extremely good in your Espresso Freddo!

In another post I will explain to you what you should pay attention to when buying your coffee for cold brew ! Finding the right coffee beans to make your espresso is really half the battle.

In our online shop you will find a large selection of freshly roasted coffee beans, perfect for enjoying cold coffee.
With our taste finder you can find out which beans might suit you! Experimenting with different types of coffee is worth it! With these instructions, the right coffee beans according to your taste and Batista accessories, for example a barist scale with an integrated stopwatch, you will definitely succeed in making a delicious cup of coffee.

Happy Brewing!

FAQ Frappuccino

What is the difference between a Cold Brew, Frappuccino and a Freddo Espresso?

Unlike its cold-brewed counterparts, the Freddo Espresso is made with a hot espresso that is poured over ice cubes to cool it down. This means it retains its intense aroma and typical crema. The Espresso Freddo offers a refreshing taste experience with the most diverse characteristics of your espresso.

Why is it important to drink Freddo Espresso quickly after preparation?

The Espresso Freddo should be drunk as quickly as possible after preparation in order to fully enjoy the foam of your Freddo. The temperature contrast between the hot espresso and the iced ice cubes creates the drink's signature foam and creamy texture. If the Espresso Freddo is left for too long, the ice can melt and water down the coffee.

What ingredients do I need for the Freddo Espresso recipe?

You need coffee beans for your espresso (single or double espresso shot), ice cubes, a shaker or blender. As an alternative to a shaker, you can also use a container or bottle with a lockable lid. If you like your Espresso Freddo a little sweeter, you can optionally add some sugar or syrup. This allows you to customize the drink to your personal taste and add a slightly sweet note.

Which coffee is suitable for the frappe recipe?

You can either use about 60 ml of espresso for the frappe recipe, which corresponds to a double plus a single brew. Strongly brewed filter coffee is less suitable here as it is too watered down. You can choose your favorite coffee, but tend to go for a darker roasted bean!