Father's Day coffee gifts

Written by: Smilla H.



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Father's Day is coming! Let's celebrate our fathers and surprise them with the right coffee gifts for Father's Day - because what could be better than expressing our appreciation with the most delicious hot drink in the world: coffee.

Your dad is an absolute coffee lover and you would like to give him a special treat other than the usual Father's Day gifts (workshop, alcohol, socks, etc.)? Then you have landed in the right place!

Because our fathers are the best and deserve our appreciation and attention. Not just for Father's Day. And everyone deserves really good coffee anyway!
Preparing specialty coffee is an inspiring craft that you can really get into. If you want to open up new dimensions of the coffee world to your father, we have a few ideas.
Whether with freshly roasted coffee beans in an espresso gift set, high-quality coffee accessories for your daily cup of coffee or a stylish kettle - your appreciation and love has never tasted so delicious.
Here you will find 5 creative gifts for Father's Day.

The best coffee gifts for Father's Day

What better way to express our love and appreciation with the most delicious hot drink in the world: coffee!

Whether you're a real coffee geek or an absolute specialty coffee beginner - creative gifts for the coffee-loving father have never been so easy! Find your Father's Day coffee or great accessories for the perfect cup of coffee here.

Coffee gift sets and accessories

Espresso Ser from Hoppenworth and Ploch

Do you know exactly what your father likes? Nutty and chocolaty, full body and a balanced sweetness? Then this coffee gift set will definitely impress your father!
With this espresso set from Hoppenworth and Ploch, your father can try out his new favorite espressos and discover different chocolaty and strong flavors!
For daily variety, the Frankfurt roastery offers three different espressos with a full body and a pleasant sweetness.

Included is the Sertao Espresso, the roastery's absolute classic and bestseller. The Lambari impresses with its darker roast, which gives it a bitter, chocolatey aroma. The use of the Pulped Natural process ensures a pronounced sweetness that develops perfectly in combination with milk drinks. The Natural Blend emphasizes the strengths of naturally prepared coffees and impresses with its pleasant sweetness, which is created by the drying process. It is perfect for preparation in a portafilter, fully automatic machine or in a stovetop pot.

Machine Espresso Industra

With the Industra espresso machine you can give the gift of the delicious taste of Brazil for Father's Day.

This espresso is a particularly balanced blend with earthy flavors and a spicy character. With this smooth espresso with low acidity, you'll taste nuances of chocolate and dried fruit in every cup!

The automatic espresso machine is an excellent choice for preparation with a fully automatic machine. Your father isn't a coffee-on-demand type? No problem. With its silky texture and full body, this espresso can also be prepared in a portafilter or stovetop pot!