Beach, Brew & BBQ: find the right coffee for cold brew

Written by: Smilla H.



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Summer is finally back! Are you as ready as we are for a particularly refreshing caffeine kick on hot summer days? Then you are exactly right here. Today we're talking about the most popular cold drink containing caffeine: cold brew. Because cold brew is much more than just cold coffee! An absolute pleasure, especially on warm days.

In this post I share all the tips and tricks about coffee for cold brew and what you should pay attention to when buying your coffee beans for cold brew.

What actually makes cold brew coffee?

If you've landed here, then you've already proven yourself to be a real cold brew fan. And for a good reason. Due to the long extraction time of cold brew, your coffee beans can develop their variety of flavors here.

Did you know that cold brew is by no means a new, hip trendy drink? The cold brew recipe has a long tradition. It has been made in Japan and other parts of Asia for centuries and is called “Kyoto style”. There are several wild theories about how cold brew coffee came to the West. What is certain is that it is now an important part of coffee culture in many parts of the world. Our cold brew coffee is based on a special brewing recipe because it is brewed exclusively with cold water and very slowly. This process usually takes more than 8 hours. In contrast, with classic iced coffee, hot coffee is simply poured over ice and cooled. The advantage of cold brew: your drink doesn't get watered down. This is exactly what happens when you pour hot coffee over ice. A completely different drink.

Which coffee is really suitable for brewing cold brew?

Of course, we need the right coffee for this special and slow brewing method. We will now clarify what you should consider when buying your coffee for cold brew. Let's dive into it!

Of course, not every coffee roast or every bean is suitable as cold brew coffee. Due to the long extraction time, your cold brew coffee can really develop its full aroma here. This often creates particularly intense and sweet aromas. This means full aroma and hardly any bitter substances. Sounds tempting, right?

Light vs. dark roasts

Dark roasts are particularly unsuitable for the long extraction time of cold brew coffee. Because dark roasts have more bitter substances, which take a long time to develop in your coffee. Suitable coffee for a delicious cold brew is a bean that is also suitable for filter coffee. This means that cold brew coffee with a light to medium roast profile works really well here!

Whether the coffee is roasted light or dark depends largely on the roaster and their preferences. Filter coffees are generally roasted a little lighter, while espresso is usually roasted darker. However, today there are also many light espresso roasts.

A light roasted coffee often has a more prominent acidity and therefore a greater variety of aromas. With a dark roasted coffee, the typical nutty-chocolate aromas and bitter notes predominate. Ultimately, the intensity of the roast definitely determines the taste of your coffee. Sure, keep your eyes open when you buy coffee for cold brew. How the bean was roasted says a lot about the quality of the coffee!

Nutty & chocolaty vs. floral & light

So now you know what to look for. With us you can filter all coffees online according to specific flavor profiles and find the right coffee for your cold brew! Whether you prefer floral & light notes or a classic nutty & chocolatey flavor profile, you will find what you are looking for here.

Try out our taste finder and find the perfect coffee for your personal taste. Simply answer a few short questions and you will receive your personal recommendation directly in your browser, without registering.

Fresh coffee for your cold brew from the best coffee roasters in Europe

Why you can buy your coffee for cold brew from us with peace of mind.

We work with the best coffee roasters in Europe who place great value on quality and sustainability. In contrast to coffee companies, our roasters take care of important details - from personal contact with the coffee farms to the ideal roasting of the beans. The coffee beans are roasted in small quantities and carefully selected.

We would also like to give you all the important information about your coffee. This particularly includes the origin of the beans. Where your whole bean comes from is always written online on our website and on the packaging.

So with us you get fresh coffee for your cold brew. Directly from the roastery, without middlemen or long storage times. Your cold brew coffee will be delivered directly to your door in just a few days. This means we guarantee you freshness and enjoyment in every cup.

How do you properly grind the coffee for your cold brew?

In addition to choosing the right coffee, the grind also plays a crucial role in coffee for cold brew. Since in this case the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for a particularly long time, the degree of grinding plays a crucial role. Because how coarse or fine your coffee is ground determines the surface of the coffee. The finer the beans are ground, the larger the surface area and therefore the “attack surface” to release aromas and flavors.

If you brew it in a French press, the grind should be suitable for the French press. In this case the grind is coarse to medium coarse. A little coarser than for the hand filter, for example.

Don't have your own coffee grinder? No problem! You can also order your coffee ground. Our roasters always grind it fresh for you. Pay particular attention to storage here, as ground coffee for cold brew loses its aroma more quickly.

Storing and serving your cold brew coffee

Storage issue. You may be wondering if you need to eliminate your cold brew in one day and risk caffeine shock. We can calm you down. One of the benefits of cold brew coffee is its longer shelf life. You can safely store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge. Ideally, you should drink it within two weeks, otherwise it will lose its great taste. But that shouldn't be a problem with this delicious refreshment!

The classic cold brew coffee is served on ice cubes. This means the coffee stays cold and is also stretched a little. It's a super refreshing way to cool down, especially on hot days. It is also great as a base for iced coffee. Add vanilla ice cream, add icing, done!

You can find out how you can easily prepare the refreshing caffeine kick yourself here , step by step.